13 Feb 2014

Oreo Milkshake

My daughter is a die hard oreo fan.She keeps asking for oreo all the time.and if she forgets to ask, Ranbir Kapoor reminds her about oreo with his cute actions in the oreo ad..hihi;).So for a change i decided to try oreo milkshake.She liked that too.Needless to say me and my husband ended up licking the last drop..It was soooo delicious especially with that crumbled oreo filled to the bottom of the glass.
Since i had some leftover icecream in the freezer i used it only for topping,for an extra punch;).you can use any topping you like.you are the boss;)...This milkshake like any other shake is filling and tasty..enjoy..........now let's make it


  • oreo biscuits(any flavour)- 3 or 4nos
  • frozen milk - one cup 
  • sugar - 1tbsp(adjust to personal preference)
  • oreo biscuit crumbled - 1( for garnishing)
  • chocolate vermicelli -for topping
  • vanilla icecream -for topping
  • edible silver balls -for topping


  • in a blender add  crushed frozen milk and 4oreo biscuits along with sugar and icecream(if using) 
  • blend well 
  • take a glass and fill the bottom with the crushed oreo biscuit 
  • then pour the shake over that
  • top it with icecream of your choice and chocolate vermicelli 
  • enjoy this chilled delicious drink...:)


  • frozen milk gives that thickeness to your shake.you can use chilled milk also
  • you can increase the sugar as you like
  • i even added horlicks for that extra taste since i like horlicks in shakes:)

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