17 Aug 2014

UNNAKKAAYA/Coconut filled banana fritters

A very very belated Eid wishes to all....I have been off from blogging for a while due to some personal reasons..But a lot  have been happening in my life:)...Thaanks a ton to all those who have asked me about my absence from blogging..glad to know that you were all missing my updates :)..thanks for the support and love


This ramzan and Eid,unlike the past five years, i celebrated in kerala with my family in kerala.Along with my sister in law i planned to try few of  those typical malabar dishes this ramzan.My sister in law was very enthusiastic to have me alongside to experiment with new dishes.She always gives feedback about my recipes and is a great supporter of my blog.Though she is from trivandrum she knows a lot of  typical malabar recipes.So the first recipe we tried was unnakkaya.

                                              Unnakkaya is a widely popular malabar snack.Those who are from malabar side wouldn't need an introduction to this delicacy. Its a sweet dish made using ripe plantain/ethakkaya with a sweet filling inside.

what you need 
ripe plantain/nenthrapazam/ethakkaya - 4

for the filling
coconut - 1/2 cup
cashewnut-3 tbsp
raisins- 3 tbsp
sugar - 3 tbsp
cardomom seeds -2 or 3 pods

How to make 

  • cook the bananas in a pressure cooker or steam it in steamer until soft.
  • remove the skin and and using a knife remove the black seeds and fiber in the middle.
  • mash it and make a soft dough out of it like the chappathi dough and keep aside.
  • now we will make the filling.heat ghe.e in a pan and add cashewnuts, raisins ,coconut and cardamom seeds.saute for few minutes.remove from fire and keep aside.

  • grease your hands with ghee.take lemon sized ball from banana dough and flatten it in your palm
  • take 1 or 2 tsp full of coconut filling and place it in the center.now close the edges and make an elongated cylindrical shape using your both hands.

  • .make rest of the unnakkayas like this

  • heat oil/ ghee and slide each unnakkayas carefully and fry them turning each sides till all the sides are done

  • drain them into tissue paper and serve.

  • do not overcook the bananas.
  • if the banana dough is a bit lose you can add rice flour or keep it refrigerator for a while
  • you can customize the coconut filling by adding dates ,tutti frutti, egg etc