5 Apr 2014


Paalaada is nothing but rice crepes which is very soft and thin.This is one dish my mom used to make whenever we had guests or on birthdays or on special occassions like Eid.It is very simple to make and we don't have to wait till the batter gets fermented like we do for dosa or appam.We have to grind the soaked rice ,coconut and egg and use it then itself.

From my mom my sister took this recipe and mixed it with her mother in law's recipe .My sister is an amazing lady who seems to have ten hands when she is in the kitchen.She always amazes her guests with delicious food. She assured me that paalaada is very easy to make.So before i came to Hyderabad soon after i got married ,i noted down this paalaada recipe in my small recipe dairy along with few other recipes from my mom and mother in law.So now when i decided to participate in this cookbook challenge of srivalli i chose this softy beauties .

I feel extremely happy and excited to be part of this cookbook challenge.Thanks a ton srivalli for the opportunity

Recipe for paalaada


  1. idly rice - 1 cup
  2. coconut - 1/2 cup
  3. egg - 1
  4. water as required for grinding

 How i made

  • soak the rice for 2 hours

  • grind the rice along with coconut little by little adding enough water

  • pour the batter onto a strainer and strain the mixture into a vessel.

  • while grinding the last batch of rice add the egg and grind

  • strain the mixture . add salt and mix well.add water if necessary.the batter should be very thin

  • now heat a nonstick pan and pour one ladle full batter and swirl and spread the batter

  • cook covered for about less than one minute in medium flame .

  • transfer to a plate and fold it into triangle or lengthwise shape

  •  serve it hot with chicken /mutton curry or any kurma of your choice

this post is for CC Challenge of the month-april 2014, week 1


  1. Nice looking crepes! Is there a substitute for eggs?

  2. no padmajah..there's no substitute for eggs in this particular recipe as far as i know..its kind of traditional malabar dish

  3. Welcome to CCC - They look so soft & delicious, Jasmin!

  4. how interesting! In Mangalore (which borders the Malabar region) we make neerdosas/panpoles which look very similar but without eggs.

    I'd love to try this version too

  5. its mouth watering,especially that chicken curry

  6. Karishma pais...I have heard of neerdosas...have never tried..now will definitely give it a try:)

  7. Wow, perfectly made paalaada. They look light as air.. yumm!!

  8. Jasmin, that's a wonderful dish!..thanks for sharing..I remember reading this and didn't do because of the egg..welcome to the group..

  9. Paalaada looks wonderful, this reminds me of neer dosa :)

  10. Thank u sooo much srivalli n suja:)