12 Feb 2014

Cornflakes Mixture

Cornflakes mixture..no one can eatjustone!!..The whole batch i make will vanish by next day.We cannot stop munching this snack.Warning..This is no guilt free snack.no problem,we have the baked version too:).Will post the baked version soon.During my visit to my husband's friend's house his wife gave me cornflakes mixture and said she made them.I cudn't believe since it tasted just like the haldiram's sweet n slat cornflakes mixture.so i asked her how she made it and decided to give a try.It was a sure hit.My daughter likes this mixture very much.Surely a kids pleaser recipe.At the same time we grown ups have a tough time resisting this tasty (guilty)snack;)..

This is a very easy snack.u can make it in a jiffy:)


raw cornflakes -1 cup
peanuts-1/2 cup
pottukadala-1/2 cup
cashewnuts -1/4 cup
raisins/kismis -1/4 cup
curry leaf - 1 spring
garlic -2pods(optional)
salt-1/2 tsp
cumin powder-1/2tsp
chat masala-1/2tsp
oil for frying


mix  well sugar salt masala powders and keep aside 
heat oil in a kadai
add cornflakes and fry till crispy                                        
then add the rest of the ingredients one by one and fry
transfer everything to a tissue paper after frying.
finally fry curry leaves and garlic pods(slightly crushed)
in a large bowl add the masala we have kept aside and the fried ingredients together.mix thoroughly
transfer to an airtight container 
enjoy your snack whenever you want:)


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