About Me

First of all thank you so much for visiting my space
Myself Jasmin, a teacher by profession,mother of five n half year old and a passionate cook.I am basically from Kerala,now living  in Chennai with my husband and little one .Cooking has become my hobby,passion whatever you can call.i love cooking and clicking.Before marriage i used to help my mother in the kitchen with the same usual dishes she made at home .My husband ,though he is a chicken lover, likes to experiment different food rather than the same food we eat  daily.I like that too.We share a common passion for food.So i got this freedom to try and test new recipes.I used to browse the internet for new recipes.but it has happened soo many times that i tried new recipes and then totally forget how i made it and if ever i wanted to make it again m kind of lost.so to keep a record of the recipe i thought of starting this food blog, as an online diary.And share with you all.

My siblings n my friends greesma and jareena they have supported me n pushed me so well to start this blog when i stood sceptical.Thank you so much for your wonderful support....All the recipes i posted in this blog are tried and posted by me.i feel proud to walk along with my fellow bloggers.


  1. Thanks a lot jasmin ...And all the best for all your future blogging about yummy recipes....

  2. best wishes for ur blog jas...thanks for the acknowledgement..

  3. Hey Jasmin ,
    Thank you for visiting my blog - JustNotTheCakes
    You had asked my email .. It is order.divinecakes@gmail.com