27 Mar 2014

Ginger Lemonade

Summer has arrived with full swing.Its terrible to step out of house in the afternoon but i have to go and pick my daughter at 1pm.Once we step inside the house me and my daughter gulp down a lot of water at once.Nowadays i prepare this lemonade and keep it in fridge and go to pick my daughter so that we can refresh with this cool drink when we are back home.

Lemonade is a lemon flavoured drink sweetened with sugar.In different places there are variations in the drink and its name.Here i  have tried ginger lemonade.

recipe for ginger lemonade


  1. lemon - 2
  2. ginger - 1 medium piece
  3. sugar - 5 tbsp
  4. water - 3 cup


  • squeeze the lemon and extract the juice
  • crush ginger in a mortar n pestle and keep aside
  • now in a vessel add the lemon extract, crushed ginger, sugar and water and mix well until sugar is dissolved
  • now serve it in a glass with few ice cubes

adjust the quantity of water and sugar as per individual preference

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