8 Mar 2014

Dry fruit laddoos

A week ago my husband told me that he has to go to Bangalore for an official meeting coming friday.It was actually a one day trip but yesterday night suddenly he told me he will be visiting his mom and sister who is staying there.So i thought i would pack something for them.But it was already 9.30 pm and i had to quickly decide and start making whatever i wanted to because he has to leave at 4.00 in the morning.First thing that came to my mind was dry fruit laddoos.But when i searched my pantry there weren't any dry fruits:(..then i pleaded my husband to buy some dry fruits from the nearby shop which he happily agreed.By the time he got the dry fruits i started making Ghee cake.Luckily i had all the required ingredients. . I will be posting ghee cake recipe later by the way:).

My husband helped me click the pictures:).Since i had to pack the laddoos and the cake then itself i didn't get the chance to click the pictures in the daylight.And walnuts and pistachios weren't available in the shop he went.So i had to be satisfied with cashewnuts and almonds.I am definitely going to make them again using walnuts, pistachios and all.They were so delicious even without walnuts and pistachios.i had eaten these dry fruit laddoos from Sri Rami Reddy sweet shop here.They are absolutely healthy and tasty with no amount of sugar too.So try making these lovely laddoos and enjoyyyyyyyy:).

Recipe for dry fruit laddoos(got 17 laddoos)


  1. dates - 1/2 cup
  2. anjeer/dried fig - 1/2 cup
  3. mixed nuts - 1/2 cup(any nuts of your choice like cashew nuts,almonds,walnuts,pistachios etc)
  4. ghee - 1 tbsp
  5. honey - 1 tbsp(optional)
  6. dessicated coconut(optional) - to roll the laddoos


  • deseed the dates and chop dates and fig and keep aside.

  • roast all the nuts in low flame without getting it burnt.

  • when cooled coarsely grind the nuts in a mixer.should not be too powdery.just pulse it
  • in a nonstick pan add ghee and add  dates and figs and cook until you get a sticky mixture.be careful not to burn the mixture.

  • then add the powdered nuts into this dates mixture and mix well

  • switch off the flame
  • add honey (if you are using)and grease your hands and roll the mixture into laddoos of small ball shape
  • roll the laddoos in dessicated coconut.


  • i didn't have any walnuts or pistachios or pumpkin seeds.you can use any nuts of your choice
  • you can roll the laddoos in sesame seeds or powdered sugar also, though dessicated coconut is my personal preference.

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