27 Apr 2014

Chicken Dum Biriyani

Of all the biriyanis i love chicken biriyani the most.I make biriyanis on special occasions like Eid like others but i make pressure cooker biriyani often which is so easy.But never tried doing the dum before.I was actually bored of making biriyani the same method i used to.So thought of giving a try at dum.I know this is not the perfect way of doing the dum but the end result was awesome.This was the best biriyani i ever made.The chicken pieces had the perfect juicy texture.
Biriyani making is often misunderstood as tedious task.But personally i feel its the easiest dish to make.no chopping no grinding apart from chopping the mint/corriander leaves:)you dont have to make ten side dish also.All you need is a simple raita or pickle.sometimes you can go a little extreme and have boiled eggs and pappad along with your biriyani:))))

Recipe for chicken dum biriyani

for marination

  1. chicken - 1kg
  2. ginger garlic paste - 2 tbsp
  3. green chillies - 2 or 3
  4. turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp
  5. corriander powder -1 1/2 tsp
  6. red chilli powder - 1 tsp
  7. pepper powder - 1/2 tsp
  8. fennel powder - 1tsp
  9. cumin powder -1/2 tsp
  10. yogurt - 3 tbsp
  11. {corriander leaves, mint leaves,curry leaves}- a handfull
  12. salt - as required
  13. lime juice - 2 tbsp
for sauting

  1. onions - 4
  2. tomatoes -2
  3. oil - 3 tbsp

for rice
  1. basmati rice - 2 1/2 cup
  2. water - 4 cups
  3. ghee - 2 tbsp
  4. pepper pods - 4 or 5
  5. cumin seeds - a pinch
  6. cinnamon-half inch piece
  7. cloves - 6
  8. cardamom - 3
  9. bay leaf - 1
  10. aniseed - 3
  11. salt -1/2 tsp
  12. lime juice - 1 tbsp

for garnishing
  1. onion - 2[for caramalising]
  2. cashew nuts - handfull
  3. raisins - handfull
  4. mint leaves - handfull
  5. corriander leaves - handfull
  6. cherry/tutti frutti - handfull

  • wash and drain  rice and keep aside
  • wash and drain the chicken .
  • marinate the chicken using the ingredients listed under marination for about 2 hours
  • heat oil in a pan and saute sliced onions nicely till golden brown
  • add tomatoes and saute well
  • once tomatoes are soft mushy and nicely saute add marinated chicken
  • mix everything well and cook covered.chicken will ooze out water and in this water we will do the dum
  • when the chicken is 3/4th cooked switch off the flame

  • while chicken is being cooked lets make the rice
  • heat a vessel and add little oil/ghee and saute onions till they turn wonderfully deep brown in colour
  • transfer the caramalised onion to a plate and then add cashew nuts and fry till brown followed by raisins.

  • in the same pan add rest of the ghee and add pepper pods,cumin seeds,cardamom,cinnamon,bay leaf,cloves,aniseed and saute for few seconds
  • add  rice and fry for a while,about 5-10 minutes
  • add water ,salt and lime juice
  • mix well and cook covered.we have taken enough water just to half cook the rice
layering and dum
  •   take a wide vessel and spread some ghee on the bottom
  • first place chicken masala as the first layer and then add rice as second layer and repeat the process with the rest of masala and rice
  • when the layering is done, spread  caramalised onions and chopped mint leaves and corriander leaves cashewnuts and raisin.keep aside the above items for final garnishing too

  • close the vessel with a tight fitting lid
  • make a dough out of wheat flour like you do for chapathi and  seal the edges of lid of the vessel using this dough

  • place the vessel on stove top at lowest flame and cook for about 15-20 minutes
  • switch off the flame and allow to rest for another 10-15 minutes.
  • now your biriyani is ready
  • before serving garnish with cashewnuts caramalized onions chopped mint corriander leaves raisins and tutti frutti and enjoyyyyyyy:)
  • serve hot with raita n pickle
  • you can add saffron soaked in milk/pineapple essence before putting the dum.

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