20 Apr 2014

Apple Green Grapes Drink

Last week i have been to Mumbai to meet our friends there.I fell in love with Mumbai about 3 years back.Friends ,chaat ,shopping everything has been soooo  special and wonderful ever since.Like the previous visits, had a great time this time also..thank u soooo much M & R:)

While i was going through Vanita pachakam magazine at my friend's place in Mumbai i came across this recipe .Without any delay i just clicked the recipe in my mobile  and once i reached back home i tried this drink.It was green in colour as soon as i made the drink.But very soon ,even before i finished straining the juice it started changing colour to dark brownish green.I guess its the apple which changed the colour.

Recipe for apple green grapes drink

  1. apple - 1
  2. green grapes - 1/2 cup
  3. lemon - 1, chopped into small pieces
  4. sugar - to taste (optional)

How to make

  • in a blender blend apple and green grapes nicely along with little water.
  • strain the juice. 
  • take a tall glass add lemon pieces and icecubes(if u are using).
  •  pour the juice into the glass and serve.


  • u can add soda water to this drink
  • sugar is optional since apple and grapes are already sweet
  • u can even add mint leaves for the flavour

Sending this post to srivalli's CC Challenge of the month-april 2014, week 3


  1. Very refreshing and prefect summer drink..Hard to resist to it.

  2. Quite interesting and nice clicks..

  3. what a simple and refreshing juice - must be great for summer. and u r like me, clicking recipes with your mobile everywherre you go :)

  4. A nice & colorful, thirst quencher, Jasmin!