4 May 2017


Hello all...very happy to be back again blogging.its been loooooong time ....summer is getting hotter day by day and what else other than a refreshing pinacolada recipe i could chose to post here today.

Happened to have this yummy drink at a restaurant here.i love pineapple..that too with coconut milk and fresh cream..it was heavenly..since then i wanted to make this at home.

Pinacolada is actually a  sweet mocktail made with rum ,coconut cream coconut milk and pineapple juice .But i have converted this cocktail conveniently  into a mocktail :)).It is regarded as the national drink of  Puerto Rico...do you all know we too have our national drink .it's Tea:).                                

1.pineapple  - 1cup chopped
2.coconut milk - 1/2 cup
3. Fresh cream  - 4 tbsp
4.sugar - as required

put the chopped  pineapple into the blender and blend well
now add the coconut milk and cream and sugar
blend well till frothy
serve and enjoy...........................:)

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