24 May 2016



These cute looking cookies were made purely upon my little one's request.Nowadays she is making many such requests like..."mama ,i want you to make  me pizza" "please will you make some cupcakes for me!"oh!i love cookies..why don't you make some?"..it goes on..And that's how i resumed my baking.I was damn lazy to try anything new.Thanks to my daughter's continous pleads.                                          

I saw this puppy faced cookies in mummy ka magic by amrita raichand..this one is surely a kid pleaser and very simple recipe too..

1.maida-1 cup
2.baking powder -1/2tsp
3.sugar-1/4 cup
6.vanilla essence-1tsp
7.chocolate chips,chocolate vermicelli and chocos -as required


Preheat your oven at 180degrees for 10min

1.Take butter sugar egg and vanilla essence together in a bowl and mix well

2.Add flour and baking powder to this mixture and form a soft dough

3.form small balls out of the dough and keep

4.fix two chocos on either side as to form the puppy's ears

5.next keep two chocolate vermicelli as the eyes for each balls

6.finally take one chocolate chip and keep it as the nose
And you r done

7.arrange them in a baking tray and bake for 10-12minutes at 180degrees
allow the cookie to cool completely. 

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