5 May 2017


Anything homemade is really exciting and greaaaat!!!..if it's jam ,bread ,cookies anything..i have made strawberry jam loong back..and this time its apple jam😊...
This is one among the many recipes that was being suffocated in my drafts..🤕

And i cannot forget the day i made this jam..It was the day cyclone hit our city..Obviously there was no power anywhere.We had no idea when the power will be resumed..forget the power..it was a mess everywhere.I do not want to go into the details..it was such a terrible day..so these apples were  lying in the fridge and i was afraid it will get spoiled.not only apples..there was fish too in the freezer..i made them into pickle😋😋.recipe on the way.(hopefully..bcz dn know when i will again disappear from blogging😯😑)..

My husband and little one loved this jam.He does not like jam or particularly anything sweet, but this was home made:)....To the recipe...........

apple - 5 nos chopped
sugar - 1/2 cup
lemon juice - 1tbsp

wash and peel apples.
chop them and cover and cook  with little water till the apples are cooked
switch off the stove and mash the cooked apples
now take a pan or kadai and transfer the mashed apples to it and saute on medium heat
add sugar and mix well
cook till the mixture gets thick and starts leaving from the sides of the pan
add lemon juice  mix well and switch off flame
let it cool completely
transfer to a container or jar and use

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